Sue Moroney’s bill

Labour MP Sue Moroney

Sue Moroney has a members’ bill in Parliament to extend paid parental leave from 18 weeks to 26 weeks.

It’s the second time the bill has come before Parliament. In 2012 a version of the paid parental leave amendment bill made it through a first reading, was considered by a select committee alongside public submissions, and was then debated in the house again.

The bill was narrowly defeated after its third reading in February 2015, with National and Act MPs voting against it.

You can read the text of the first bill and the debates HERE.

An amended version of the bill was pulled from the ballot in July this year, and had its first reading in the house in September. Public submissions to the select committee closed on November 6, 2015. You can see 26 For Babies submission HERE.

The new bill would enable parents to return to work for a set amount of time without losing their entitlement to paid parental leave.

You can read the text of the new bill and track its progress HERE.

You can get in touch with Sue Moroney and find out more about the bill HERE:

5 thoughts on “Sue Moroney’s bill

  1. I have a question (or two). If the bill goes through, will it be only families with babies born after the 1st of July benefit? In other words, what if the birth is (for example) the 25th June?
    Is it possible that if a mother/father is already on paid parental leave, the leave will be extended for the extra four weeks?

    • Hi Shaelyn – no, if it passes, babies born before the bill comes into effect wont be covered unfortunately. Also, as its currently drafted, its implementation would be staggered – ie 4 additional weeks each year for three years until it reaches 26 weeks.

  2. Hi i am Amy from Middleton grange school i was wandering what you wanted to achieve by doing 26 for babies and what your personal aping-ion is on this matter.

    • Hi Amy, our aims are to promote the benefits of longer paid parental leave for babies and families, and to support legislation in parliament to make that happen. Personally, when my baby was born I was able to afford to take six months off work and would have liked longer – but I know lots of people are dependent on the paid leave and neither mum or baby are ready for the return to work after only four and a half months. Hope this answers your question Amy. Regards, Rebecca from 26 for Babies.

  3. thank you very much that was very helpful

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