Thousands send message supporting new Government stance on paid parental leave

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This Christmas, thousands of New Zealanders are sending National a message of support and encouragement on their new stance on extending paid parental leave.

The coalition to extend paid parental leave, 26 for Babies, is sending off thousands of postcards to John Key today, encouraging National to not use a financial veto and to vote for the extension of paid leave for new parents from 12 to 26 weeks.

“Current and future parents everywhere will be greatly heartened by news that National is listening to them and is looking at supporting increasing leave with new babies,” said 26 for Babies spokesperson Rebecca Matthews.

“The public are very much behind Sue Moroney’s bill and we’re demonstrating that this week by packaging up thousands of postcards to John Key asking him to invest in our youngest citizens and sending them to him as an early Christmas present. We’re looking forward to confirmation in the New Year that NZ will rise from near the bottom of the OECD in access to paid parental leave.”

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